Horny victim of office sex

Published 10.02.2014

I was sitting at the computer and re-reading the last message of Tom, who was sitting in the next office down the hall. Especially I liked the last lines “My cock is begging to get free… Underwear is like a small patch of cloth which only covers the base and testicles…!!! Sweet pain!!!” And from the other lines, my nipples hardened and panties got wet. Tom was romancing me for a long time, but recently his messages became so dirty, that heart was pounding and head spinning, and not only I already wanted to allow to do all those dirty things with me, but I craved them. What else could I do if those hardened nipples in the bra were almost painful and panties were soaked.

My trembling fingers typed what I felt:

“Prankster, you achieved that my nipples are hardened and I’m all wet”

Answer came almost immediately:

“M-m-m… I really want to check it! You will allow it, won’t you?”

I made a long sigh and bit my lip – a few more droplets dropped into my panties:

”Not so fast! My husband will check it. And you will check your wife!”

There was no answer, but soon Tom’s head showed up at the doors:

 — Sandra, let’s go have a smoke?

I didn’t smoke, but often went with him. Blue-eyed brunette, smart and sexy, he preferred the company of the most refined office girl - my company.

I was walking next to this attractive man, almost cumming from his presence and nipples rubbing into the bra.

 — What, we are going to the back stairs? — I mumbled, as we walked past the smoking room. — What are you going to do???

 -- I’m gonna check, of course! – answered Tom glancing at my cleavage, and grabbed my waist.

All my senses screamed from being pressed to a strong male body. I’m losing it! A bit more and will check into his pants myself to see how hard it is! I looked down. Tom’s pants were clearly bulging in the groin area. Oh God, there’s that thing which wants me so much that it doesn’t want to fall down!

But aloud I said:

 — Yeah... Right...

When we reached the back stairs, I firmly decided that I need to change panties after this smoke break.

 — Where are your cigarettes? — I asked warily, when Tom snapped the lock on the door.

 — Well, we didn’t come here for this!

 — You wrote that you love when clothes are being ripped off of you and you are taken roughly, almost being raped. You don’t want me to do that, do you? I just want to check the things you’ve written about!

 — Blackmailer! — I exclaimed breathlessly, because Tom walked behind me and hugged, tightly pressing my butt to his hard bulge. I almost lost my head, feeling how a hard cock is pressing in my buttocks.

Tom began whispering into my ear, kissing it at the same time:

 — You’re a Goddess, you turn me on! I have erection for a whole day, and I want you, always and in different poses!!! I want to conquer you!!!

Passionately and insatiably… harshly and gently! But I don’t want to do it if you don’t want me to. But first, I want to know how much I turn you on.

I felt how his hands moved from waist to breasts and gently squeezed them. A moan came from my lips even from such a simple caress. And butt pressed itself even more to his impressive manhood, which was separated from me only by a few layers of fabric.

And when Tom unbuttoned my blouse, I didn’t resist. On the contrary, I was eager to stand before him with my naked breasts.

 — I can see that you wear white underwear as I requested, you naughty girl. Transparent, only embroidered flowers covering your nipples.

I felt how soft fabric slid on my breasts, and now they were free, clenched into hot palms at the next moment.

 — Your nipples are really hardened, — whispered Tom, fingering the very tips of my nipples with his fingertips.

I was already trembling from this caress, and then Tom started to play with breasts seriously, commenting his actions:

 — I would admire them, caress, squeeze and gently slap them, pull the nipples… You are a queen…

And when Tom gently slapped my breast from the bottom up, it started shaking and I almost climaxed. When he took my nipples and pulled them, stretching as much as possible, my body filled up with a sweet pain and soft trembles went through my pussy. Oh my God, he’s only touching my nipples and I’m already cumming, even if it’s only a weaker orgasm!

Unfortunately, that orgasm didn’t clear my mind; on the contrary, it only strengthened the desire to give myself to this male. Therefore, to Tom’s whispers I could only answer with inarticulate sounds.

 — You wrote that you like when your nipples are squeezed harder.

 — M-m-m...

 — Like this?

 — О-о-о-о...

 — And if I pull then like that, you like it too?

 — Oh... oh... What are you doing with me???

My body was absolutely under Tom’s control, he was doing unimaginable things with my breasts. And I just moaned thankfully, exhausted from the desire. And when Tom lifted my skirt, I didn’t protest. A powerful hand invaded between my thighs, gently squeezing the crotch.

 — Now I see that you have really soaked your panties. How I wish to drink your juices!

His fingers were squeezing my pussy and even thought the fabric I felt how hot they are. Then he entered my panties without permission and just as his finger slid along my pussy, I felt a wave of small tremors again.

 — You are flowing all over and you are ready for me, — stated Tom, continuing to lightly massage my petals with gentle movements.

I already wanted him to roughly enter into me, touch my petals with his rough fingers, insert a finger or even two inside me, but Tom didn’t hurry. I was fully under his control and apparently he understood that.

 — What would you want to do with “it”?

Knowing that he will only lightly caress me unless I don what he wants, I put my hand between us. Tom’s fingers continued to slide only through my petals, avoiding clit and hole. I was trembling from this exquisite torture.

 — I want to... oooh... squeeze it with my fingers... Оh... It’s so hard!... Оh... оh...

Answering to my caress, Tom finally touched my clit and I understood I’m ready to be his slave only to ensure that his fingers don’t stop closely to the concentration of pleasure. I guessed what I have to do to be thoroughly inspected.

I didn’t hesitate anymore; I turned around, hurriedly unbuttoned his pants and pulled out his hard cock. It was proudly erect in all its glory and it was also wet with lubrication.

 — I want to touch it... — I gently touched the dick, thrilled with admiration: — I want to run my fingers all along it… to rub the lubrication along its entire length…

 — I want to caress it with my nipples… M-m-m-m….

Slightly leaning forward, I took my breast and with the tip of nipple touched the purple head, in amazement watching how transparent droplets were oozing from a tiny hole. And my nipples carefully collected those droplets, until shiny threads were stretched from breasts to his cock.

I knelt in front of that formidable instrument, enjoying its closeness to my face and mouth:

 — And after, touch the head with my lips and play with it with my tongue.

Having done this I took a deep breath and continued:

 — Also, I want to lick your “trunk”, but at the same time fingering the head… And now, at last, I want it to own my mouth.

Purple head slipped into my mouth and I, closing my eyes with pleasure, started to suck it, making a ring with my lips and sliding along the entire length until the cock reached my throat. Sometimes I interrupted the process for a few seconds, pressing his amazing instrument to my burning cheek:

 — I want to caress it with my tongue... I really like when it trembles in my mouth while I’m licking the fraenum… And these testicles – they are asking to be licked and held inside the mouth… My lips need to touch the entire length of it…

I was so carried away by the process, that at first I didn’t realize that Tom called me a couple of times:

 — Sandra... Sandra! You wrote that you love the male semen, right?

I raised my filmy eyes at Tom, not forgetting to cuddle and gently rub his slippery “trunk” with my lips and cheek:

 — I love its flavor! Why?

 — I want to cum into your mouth.

 — Oh, yes! Feed me with your treat!

I pressed my lips to his hard cock even harder, intensively working with my head, helping myself with one hand and using another to play with his testicles, which felt so solid and paunchy under silky bristle.

And the cock started to tremble in my mouth, throwing streams of semen directly into my throat. There was so much semen that I, chocking with excitement and a gushing fluid, couldn’t hold it all. Drops trickled down my chin, splashing at the breasts, running down to stomach and then flowing into the folds of unbuttoned blouse.

 — Sandra-Sandra! You have to drink it all, otherwise, how will you return to your workplace…

I still enthusiastically continued to suck already softening cock, trying not to miss a single drop of treat; I raised my head:

 — And what about me?

Tom laughed:

 — Today you will stay at work a bit longer. You have to be obedient and perform all my orders. And I want to caress you, give you pleasure until you will beg me to take you roughly and ruthlessly, just how you like. But until that you will have to patiently endure everything that I want to do with you - gently and kindly.

 — I don’t have a choice, do I? — I mumbled, feeling how new droplets moisten the panties which were already fully soaked.

I could hardly wait until 6 o’clock. After being erect for so long, nipples were hurting and new panties were wet again. Meanwhile, Tom, who stopped by my office a few times, was just smiling, without a clue that if he had walked a little closer to me, I would have raped him.

But as soon as the last employee has left the office, Tom was right here. He winked conspiratorially and turned the key. I was already close to him and clung to his body with a moan. My hands were touching his butt and lips kissing his neck.

 — I’m ready for you, — I whispered incoherently, — all this time I was wet…

But Tom took my wrists into his hands, then kissed them and spread them apart.

 — Not so fast, my princess!

 — But why? I can feel how erect it is in your pants.

 — No, I forbid you to touch me. For now!

A white handkerchief appeared in Tom’s hands. He went behind me and tied it over my eyes. At the same time he was whispering:

 — Remember, you have to do only what I tell you and endure everything what I want to do with you. Otherwise…

 — I know, I know, — I gave up; my thoughts and emotions, my body was completely in his power, and even though I wanted to waltz on the standing next to me man, tear him apart, I had to be obedient to his will.

Handkerchief was very tight and I didn’t see anything, not even looking down. Therefore, when Tom began to unbutton my blouse, I felt it rather than saw it. Now he’ll see my naked breasts again! I tried to stand calmly, even though my impatience was growing – Tom was unbuttoning it very slowly, gradually baring my flesh. And just as slowly, he removed bra from by tits.

Then Tom gently massaged my nipples, which made my body tremble. However, being under man’s control, I just clenched my fists, obediently suffering sweet, almost unbearable torture that this man was doing to me.

 — I can see that your nipples are still hard.

 — Yes, — I moaned, — and you don’t know yet how wet it is between my legs.

 — We will check that too, but for now let’s do what you like, — said Tom and, squeezing my nipples, pulled them. I could barely stand on my feet; a bit more and I would have fallen into his arms. But remembering that I can’t touch him for now, just stepped back. Everything was boiling inside of me, my face under the handkerchief was burning, and my body was bending towards rough fingers, which were squeezing my nipples.

 — You like THAT?

 — Oh yes!!! Do that again!

 — Not yet!

Cruel bastard didn’t even think about responding to my request. But he did another thing – he took off all my clothes except panties. Sometimes he touched my body and it answered with trembles, releasing new and new streams into the panties.

I thought that Tom, just as during the first time, will check how wet and ready I am, but he prolonged my tortures, putting my across the table so that my head hung down from one end and butt over the other. While I was not given the new instructions, I invitingly spread my thighs.

 — What a lovely wet spot my queen has, — I felt how man’s fingers touched my panties. Unwittingly I pulled my hips, wanting to feel them with my yearning pussy, even if only through the fabric.

But Tom took away his hand, which made moan disappointedly, and asked:

 — Do you like when your panties are torn apart?

I didn’t even manage to do anything and – hrrr- my poor panties were ripped off with one jerk. Nothing hid my wet pussy now; moreover, I was fully opened in front of Tom, I held no secrets. A delight rose within me – a man sees me in the most intimate way; sees that I’m ready and waiting for him.

Actually, he wasn’t satisfied with mere sight. I felt how his fingers gently slide along my petals, carefully massaging them.

I moaned, feeling how close to the orgasm he’s taken me:

 — Oh, please...

And Tom strongly squeezed wet petals. I squealed with delight and began to move my butt, hoping that he will insert his finger. All my being languished, I wanted to cry from delight… and disappointment and I still wasn’t fucked. But I couldn’t allow myself to interrupt the man’s games – for him I was ready for everything. Including such sacrifices.

 — I see that you are wet and I want to drink your juices!

 — Ooooh... uh... oh yes!!!

What his tongue and lips were doing to me! Each crease was licked; petals periodically entered the mouth and were sucked…

 — Please, the tongue!

 — You want like that?

And tight tongue entered my pussy. Delight overcame me and I quivered in ecstasy. Tom didn’t even think about stopping, literally fucking with his tongue. My body answered with new and new explosions, which were tearing me apart. Don’t know how long it lasted. I remember that I begged him to stop, to let me catch my breath. But his mouth continued working on my pussy, which yearned for those touches.

Eventually, he let me to catch my breath. I noticed that my head is hanging from the end of the table, handkerchief gone, and Tom went around the table and now his erect cock was very close to me. I absorbed the image of a strong man’s penis, and even licked my lips, I think. I really wanted to take it into my mouth and I eagerly reached out a hand to it.

But Tom slapped my hand:

 — Not so fast, Goddess. You didn’t forget that you have to obey, did you?

I quickly withdrew my hands:

 — I hear and obey, my lord. But don’t take too long or I’ll rape you.

Tom leaned slightly. His shaved testicles swayed just in front of my nose. I opened my mouth, hoping that he will finally let me enjoy his instrument. But no! His hard head only brushed my lips. I trembled with impatience, but Tom was unyielding. He slid his dick on my lips, cheeks, but when I tried to catch it, he withdrew. My hunt wasn’t successful; I reconciled, allowing the man to torment me with such close, yet unattainable treat. When its head touched my lips, I could draw out my tongue and lick it slightly. Finally, I couldn’t take it anymore:

 — Please!!! I can’t take it anymore! My mouth wants to be filled up with your flesh!

And Tom, finally, allowed me to take the purple head into my mouth. I did my best. I enjoyed that I can freely caress his dick with my lips and tongue. I begged to fuck me in that way, the pose was comfortable. Tom didn’t stop me anymore, allowing me to suck the way I wanted to.

And then he released his cock from my grasping fingers and walked around the table, standing between my widely parted thighs.

 — You are tormentor, — I croaked, when Tom began to do the same thing with my pussy he did with my mouth before. I was already close to orgasm, but Tom’s power over my body was so strong, that I could only beg him to take me.

And he, enjoying my readiness and his power over woman, who was begging to fuck her, finally entered me with one movement. I cried out, feeling how his dick stretches my hungry pussy. He entered me with the entire length – so wet and open I was. As soon as Tom started to move inside me, I came again. And I continued to cum, incessantly, fully in the power of this man’s will regarding his wishes of taking me. Sometimes he turned me around to fuck from behind and other times I had to ride on his cock. Explosions, which followed one after another, gave me no choice – I will pleasure this man the way he wants it, I will give myself to him in any pose, which he desires… And when the mind cleared at some moments, I could only whisper, afraid to miss more happiness: “Darling, cum into my mouth! I want to fully taste you and drink everything!”

Muzzy from the male’s pressure and authoritativeness, with which he fucked me, I was finally dragged on the floor. My lips hurriedly caught his dick and I started intensively suck it. Gratitude of pleasured woman knows no limits and his dick slipped into the throat itself. I allowed Tom to fuck me into mouth so that his balls hit my chin.

I couldn’t hold everything again! Tom had so much semen that even though I was swallowing everything, the streams kept going and going into my mouth. And it flowed onto breasts, stomach…

Happy, exhausted, smeared with Tom’s semen, I couldn’t break away from his softening dick, kissing, sucking and pressing it to my cheek.

 — Well, — I heard, — my queen, tomorrow in the morning I will check your nipples and panties again.

 — Tomorrow I will be without panties, — I whispered, gently kissing wet head of his cock.

Thank you!
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